It Takes A Village

The Stoner Girl Diary Youtube show has opened up many opportunities for Biscayne and Mari. Media outlets, companies, and brands have reached out to them for promotions, collaborations, and other gigs. But none of it would have been possible, without the help of the team. Everyone’s collective hard work made SDG the blossoming show that it is today.


Stoner Girl Diaries Takes On Cannavation

On March 16, 2017, honorary guest speakers, Stoner Girl Diary inform blossoming entrepreneurs interested in the Marijuana industry about marketing skills and techniques at Cannavation.

The Making Of An Episode


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WE <3 SDG!

Two male fans talk about their love for Stoner Girl Diaries, the impact the show has on society, and why they think it’s successful.

Breaking Boundaries and Stereotypes

The hosts of Stoner Girl Diary make fun of stoner stereotypes and explain how they are using their Youtube channel to break the stoner stereotypical boundaries.


Photo Essay/ Gallery Proposal & Audio Slideshow

The photo essay & audio slideshow will primarily highlight the contrast between the stereotypical “stoner girl” actions and the actions they make to show how hardworking they are. So expect to see images ranging from smoking weed, laughing and vibing to music to them having their team meeting, shooting on set, editing, etc. It will intertwine with the audio portion of the project since the audio follows the same layout.

Interview Proposal

In order to highlight how the team of ” Stoner Girl Diaries” is breaking the stereotype people have on stoners, I propose to interview a parent of one of the team members or their landlord and one of the hosts Biscayne Boeck. I will discuss with one of the parents or the landlord about stoner stereotypes, their initial sentiments when they found out that these individuals were stoners, their initial sentiments about the creation of a show that enables the behavior, and how they feel about it now. I will discuss with the girls what took place with some of their relationships when they came out as stoners, what are the stereotypes about stoners that are completely wrong, what made them decide to start the series, and how they are breaking down the walls of the stoner stereotype.


My proposal is to cover the journey to youtube stardom of the growing channel “Stoner Girl Diary.” Many believe the journey to be a youtube star is simple, however, it is the complete opposite. The purpose of the project is to show viewers, that such projects require a team, consistency, and innovation; because the journey is long and tenuous. I believe this will be intriguing to audiences because youtube has brought many individuals to a celebrity. influencer status without needing to be a professional actor, singer, or athlete. In addition, with marijuana being more accepted and growing a strong presence on television, and this channel based around the controversial subject, you will have 3 types of viewers: 1) marijuana enthusiasts/ users, 2) those looking to educate themselves, 3) those complete opposed to it. This project will carry standard chase your dream storyline.

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